Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bernardino Shock Win Over Shipov

In between packing my bag, here I am observing the SIO. According to the official site, top seed Russian GM Sergey Shipov has just been shot down by Pinoy visitor Marlon Bernardino. This is truly amazing!

UPDATE (as at 7.19PM): Flight delayed by four hours so I have nothing better to do but quickly pop onto the net. Just as well for me as all this drama in the SIO is attracting a great deal of attention especially that of GM Shipov's dramatic loss to Bernardino earlier today. IM Javier Gil has quickly assembled an annotated version of the above game. Check that out here.

And in a battle between Australia's only two grandmasters in round 9, Daryl Johansen gets one back over compatriot GM Ian Rogers. A nice one for Daryl.


Ted Teodoro said...

What was 21. Ne5 all about? What was Shipov thinking? Kudos to Bernardino for holding his position intact while white thrashed around to recover.

Anonymous said...

Bernardino broke down and was crying after he won this game???!!!

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that a "rating" does not win games. Chess skill at the board wins games. This nonsense about in Europe they play in the afternoon is just an excuse. Did Shipov look outside and say:-
"Wait a minute, it is the morning and I am used to playing in the afternoon! Therefore I will play 21 Ne5??"
I am sure the organisers of the tournament told Mr Shipov the games would start in the morning before he agreed to play in the tournament.

Anonymous said...

I heard from a number of players that Bernadino was spitting on the ground during some of his games.

This naturally didnt go down too well with the locals.

Did anyone see this incident?

Anonymous said...

Your movetext is not correct. Black Rc8 and White h5 moves were missing. The following moves sequence 19.c5 Rc8 20.g4 Ng7 21.h4 h5 make sense. The correct PGN can be shown in Rooty Hill Chess site.