Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Christensen Upsets Dragicevic

Joshua Christensen rated 1605, a former winner of the minor section in the Doeberl Cup, today caused an upset by beating Dromagoj Dragicevic, rated 2196, in round 3 of the Sydney International Open. The win comes after Joshua's draw yesterday against Arianne Caoili (who lost her third round game to IM Paul Garbett of New Zealand).

IM Leonid Sandler observed that Joshua is "playing like a 2000 rated player".

Other early results just before I left the venue about an hour ago are:

Matamoros - Smirnov, 1-0
West - Rogers, 0-1
Goldenberg - Chandler, 0-1
Oliver, G - Bakre, 0-1
Shipov - Illingworth, 1-0
Moylan - Chow, 0-1
Caoili - Garbett, 0-1
Dragicevic - Christensen, 0-1


DeNovoMeme said...

Bragging rights rule OK !

Tankel, Alan (1780) 0 - 1 Sweeney, Matthew (1267)


David Evans said...

Nice one Joshua! This doesn't surprise the people who know how you play.

And thanks for the great coverage, Amiel. Superb photos too -- as usual. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how Gletsos will rate Matt's win. lol.