Saturday, April 28, 2007

Campo is Alive!

About a week ago, I received enquiries from Raymond Keene's editor, James O'Fee, to see if I could help in ascertaining the condition of Campomanes. (I helped these guys last year, too, over the Turin Incident). For some weird reason, these guys seem to think that Campo may be dead. In this blog post, James writes:

Rumours are now sweeping the chess world that Campo has, in fact, died. While this is not, perhaps, likely to be true, the rumours will continue and perhaps increase in intensity until there is an authoritative statement on the former President's condition.

Say what? What rumours? Never heard of such rumours. Several days later, and thankfully so, James' blog managed to find their own answer. Nope, Campo is very much alive. And a quick check with Casto Abundo confirmed the same. Mr Abundo informs me that, "Mr. Campomanes is recuperating in Baguio City. He needs several months more of physical therapy. He is determined to recover from the accident."

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