Friday, April 13, 2007

Smerdon Loses to Oliver!

Canberran Gareth Oliver has created sensation here by beating Australia's next hope for a home-grown GM, international master David Smerdon. Yesterday, Gareth victimised an FM, today an IM. Who knows, maybe tomorrow a GM!

Early top board results:

Timoshenko - Rogers, draw
Antic - Mikhalevski, draw
Bakre - Chandler, draw
Zong - Bjelobrk, draw
Oliver - Smerdon, 1-0
Smith - Toth, draw
Xie - Wallis, 1-0
Matamoros - Pyke, 1-0
Johansen - Chow, draw

And guess who just walked in as a special guest? Peter Parr, of all people! Now he's talking to me about Quinteros who apparently came here in 1978. Peter and Quinteros played a lightning game for some press conference which ended a draw. The whole thing was shown on Aussie TV. Those were the days!

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Anonymous said...

great job, but could you please give all the results, like to see the lower board results too!

Keep up all the good work, thanks.