Thursday, April 12, 2007

All GM Contests Begin

It will be an interesting morning today as we begin to see the first all-GM match-ups in round 4 of the SIO. Antic and Timoshenko will slug it out on board 1 (Timoshenko to win) while Matamoros and Bakre will meet on board 3 (I'm picking the Ecuadorian to win).

Israeli visitor Victor Mikhalevski, who lost to Englishman IM Simon Ansell yesterday, will meet Homer Cunanan. That should be a fairly easy one for the grandmaster. Our hearts and support go to the locals, of course, who are making their first appearance on the stage (top 12 boards). That is one hec of an experience for them to be playing side-by-side with the elite. Yesterday's killer, Joshua Christensen, will do battle on board 10 against Kiwi FM Robert Smith. Good luck Joshua!

And on board 11 is the all Aussie Chow - Hu contest. Being a New South Welshman I'm going for Hu. We just can't have these southerners coming here, you know, and scoring points off our boys.

Unfortunately, there will be no photo coverage today dear readers. We'll resume that tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

With all these "unexpected" results and "upsets" it only goes to further erode the credibility of the ACF Glicko ratings system.
Why are we the ONLY country in the world to use this system?
ACF Response insert here>>.......................

(Nothing as usual? Again?)

Anonymous said...

hi ANON. Mate, I think u are getting confused between the parameters used to track responsiveness and the calibration level of the ACF system. Nothing wrong with our system save the scale relative to o/s.