Monday, April 09, 2007

Rogers Wins Doeberl 2007

Aussie supremo GM Ian Rogers today defeated GM Victor Mikhalevski to win the Doeberl Cup with 6 points. In a fine endgame display, Rogers outplayed Mikhalevski to take out the title.

Here are some preliminary scores and round results.

Mikhalevski - Rogers, 0-1
Antic - Shipov, draw
Johansen - Smerdon, 0-1
Solomon - Matamoros, draw

6.0 Rogers
5.5 Solomon, Smerdon

In the majors section, de Noskowski went through undefeated finishing on 6.5 points. Local boy Sherab Guo-Yuthok was second on 5.5 points. While in the minors, congrats must go to former NSWCA councilman Trent Parker for finishing second on 6 points. His opponent actually failed to turn up for the last round. Jonathan Shen was the winner on 6.5 points.

That is all for now from Canberra. This ends our coverage here and I hope you enjoyed that. See you in Sydney folks where we will also be blogging regularly. Maybe in Sydney the foreign visitors can really make their mark as they've been slightly disappointing so far. All the best.


Anonymous said...

Many thanks Amiel for keeping us up to date with the commentary AND we didn't have to trawl through insults and narcissistic claptrap on 'Chesschat'. Thank you from the sensible chess players.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rogers is getting back into form. His crown as australia's number one player was almost slipping.