Thursday, April 12, 2007

Philippine Open Results - Round 2

Thanks to Iggy for the following. Here are some prelim round 2 results (TBC):

Wang Yue, d Rolando Nolte, 1-0
Fernie Donguines lost to Ni Hua, 0-1
Wang Hao beat Manny Senador, 1-0
Ronald Bancod lost to Zhang Zhong, 0-1
Ghaem Maghami beat Mirabeau Maga, 1-0
L. Legaspi lost to Utut Adianto, 0-1
Varuzhan Akobian beat Roderick Nava, 1-0
Zhang Ziyang drew with Joey Antonio,
Rod Panopio lost to Eugene Torre, 0-1

I think we're the only blog/website so far with these updated scores and I'm very happy about that. For complete round 1 details, the NCFP site has them.

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F.A. Buenaventura said...

Hi there Amiel! Thanks for the update. TCG rocks!