Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sam Chow Holds Shipov to Draw

Pinoy FM Jesse Sales admitted himself that he was lucky to beat Dizdarevic. In a winning position, Dizdarevic dropped his guard committing a crucial error. Dizdarevic said that his position was so winning that he could fall asleep! Problem is he actually did (figuratively speaking, that is) and allowed Sales to retake the initiative.

Other interesting results:

Chow - Shipov, draw
Chokshi - Zhao, draw
Gibbons - Ly, 1-0
Hu - Garbett, draw
Vlietstra - Stojic, 1-0
Illingworth - Pyke, 1-0
Mendes da Costa - Ayvazyan, 1-0

Well done to Sam Chow for scoring a draw against top seed Sergey Shipov.

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