Wednesday, April 18, 2007

RP Open Update - Round 5

Well here I am on the other side of the world. I must say, while busy with work, I am enjoying myself in London. It's certainly been the warmest time I've had here. On my previous visits I'd always been confronted by a bitter cold, one could hardly see the sun. But last Sunday I was met by a most unexpected and glorious sunshine. Problem is it made the pollution, a brown haze, very clear! Scary.

Anyhow, very sorry for the zero updates over the last couple of days. I promise though that we've got some good content lined up including a possible interview with an ACF mandarin. I wanted to leave Sydney with that exclusive already posted but I just didn't have the time.

For the moment, here's an update of scores from the Philippines.

5.0 points – W. Yue (China), L. Chao (China)
4.5 – E. Torre, N. Hua (China), Z. Zhong (China), Z. Jun (China)
4.0 — R. Antonio, M. Paragua, O. Dimakiling, B. Nadera, E. Fernandez, W. Hao (China), E. Maghami (Iran), U. Adianto (Indonesia), L. Shilong (China), Z. Ziyang (China), S. Megaranto (Indonesia).
3.5 – V. Akobian (US), A.Sukandar (Indonesia), L. Babuth (India), W. So, R. Nolte, H. Nouri, J. Sadorra, F. Donguines.

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