Sunday, April 08, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Ikeda Beats Bakre

Not more than 15 minutes ago, local boy, Junta Ikeda has just defeated visiting GM Tejas Bakre. All the more impressive since Ikeda did it with the black pieces.

Ikeda is getting stronger and stronger. In last night's blitz he took out powerful blitz maestro Vladimir Smirnov. This is not the first time that the young man has beaten a GM. Two years ago (I think it was), he defeated Ian Rogers in the NSW Open and Dr Zworestine has just informed me that he should also have beaten Antic in one of their encounters. The boy certainly does pull out all he's got against GMs!!

Meanwhile, Rogers and Smerdon are facing each other on board 1. It is looking very tense. No other results yet from the premiere section. I will update some more later tonight if I have time.

Shaun Press, by the way, is also bloggin about this event. He has more games available here.

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