Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wohl Suffers Upset Loss

Sven-Holger Akstinat, who is rated 2182, scored an upset win over Australia international master Alex Wohl in the 8th round of 10ème Open des Vins du Médoc. After leading for much of this tournament, the loss now puts the Australian a half point behind 3 leaders going into the 9th and last round.

Over in Croatia, Shannon Oliver ended her campaign with a draw against Milorad Bulatovic for a total tally of 4 points. Her run included 6 draws, 1 win and 2 losses.

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Anonymous said...

Had an e-mail from Shannon mid tournament and she wasn't happy with all the draws, particualarly one which was a win where she allowed a perpetual in time trouble.

However she doesn't appear to have played anyone lower rated than herself (apart from one unrated player), and her performance rating was quite good.

She has loved travelling in Eastern Europe and says Slovenia is beautiful and Croatia too.

She comes back to Aus next weekend via London and I will try not too stress too much about bombs. :)