Thursday, July 12, 2007

Alex Wohl Gives Kissing Lesson

After that setback in round 3, Alex Wohl strung three wins in a row and now has 5 points after 6 games. He is just a point behind sole leader GM Grigore-Gabriel in the Condom Festival, in France. Two other players, IM Godard and the 2145-rated Romain Lacroix, are also on 5 points going into the seventh round.

And here's a bit of trivia courtesy of Alex.

Running through the town of Condom is a river called "La Baise". In English that means, the river "Kiss". Alex's trusty Lonely Planet guidebook warns that "Baise" meaning "kiss" is not to be confused with another "baise" meaning "fuck" (as in that movie "Baise Moi" which was banned in Australia a few years ago).

Says Alex, "I'm sure lots of tourists with phrase books would surmise that the river Fuck flows through Condom!"

Also, and thanks again to Alex for the info, Pinoy international master Joseph Sanchez is actually a participant in a 10-man RR in Condom. The Filipino isn't having the best of tournaments dropping his first 2 games. He lost the first game to Cioara then the second to the 2294-rated van Elst. He has managed two wins and two draws since then as the event goes into the seventh round.

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