Sunday, July 01, 2007

George Xie Wins Rooty Hill

Sydneysider IM George Xie scored back-to-back rapid tournament wins as he yesterday also took out the inaugural Rooty Hill Rapid tournament after last weekend's victory in the NSW Rapid event. Xie tallied 6.5 points while top seed Serbian GM Dejan Antic finished on 6 points.

According to our man in Rooty Hill, Leonardo Tenorio, Antic had a tough time overall as he managed only a draw with Pinoy-Aussie Benny Galvez. Benny was third place overall on 5.5 points.

Thirty-five players attended the event.


Anonymous said...

Great turnout at Rooty Hill for the rapid. Should be a regular monthly event! Congratulations to the organisers!


Anonymous said...

Just to add up, all the prizes as stated were all given. Thanks to our generous sponsor Diaz Foundation. The tournament went on smoothly without any incidents.

Leo Tenorio

DeNovoMeme said...

Will there be red faces all around at the next NSWCA council meeting. I doubt it, just the usual blank looks and business as usual.

Anonymous said...

For Crosstable result visit

-Robert Ambalong

Anonymous said...

Why is there a big dump on NSWCA events if another organiser is successful. The NSWCA is supporting chess in NSW and supporting organisers such as the Rooty Hill Rpaid

DeNovoMeme said...

The "dump" is because.

1. The NSWCA can see some successful models
2. The NSWCA is running some unsuccessful modelsand.
3. The NSWCA is incapable of taking risks, thinks short-term and alienates those who could contribute.

All together, the organisational disease that ails the NSWCA is the one that ails its leadership - Arrogance. And we all love to "dump" on arrogance.