Friday, July 06, 2007

The Liberal

I happened to be at the newsagent this morning, flicking through some magazines, and there in the "current affairs" section was The Liberal, a publication about poetry, politics and culture. A familiar name appeared on the front cover, Garry Kasparov. No surprise really, he was on and on again about Russia under Putin. I'm sad to say that there is no free content available on the net so interested readers will have to purchase the magazine. I think it's about AUD$12.00

However, I did spot a poem, in the mag's online pages, that I thought was quite apt given our post about yesterday Sochi. "Near Sochi", by Robert Conquest.


DeNovoMeme said...

Vogon poetry is mild by comparison

Anonymous said...

Conquest has as much credibility as a Russian academic writing about Winston Churchill.