Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Smerdon Draws

David Smerdon yesterday drew against the so-far undefeated IM Fabiano Caruana in the GM section of July's First Saturday tournament. The lone Australian now has 1.5 points out of 4 games. Standings are:

3.5 Caruana, Fabiano
3.0 Ilincic, Zlatko; Fruebing, Stefan
2.5 Bui, Vinh
2.0 Kjartansson, Gudmundur
1.5 Smerdon, David; Fogarasi, Tibor; Vernay, Clovis
1.0 Todorovic, Goran M
0.5 Hammes, Michael

While in France, IM Alex Wohl had a win in round 5 against Etienne Adam. Wohl moves up to 4 points - a whole point behind leader GM George-Gabriel Grigore.

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