Thursday, July 26, 2007

David Slips in Pardubice

David Smerdon's hopes for a third GM norm suffered a dent this morning as he went down to GM Viktor Laznicka in the 6th round of Pardubice. Playing the black side of QGD Ragozin variation, Smerdon was nowhere near his red hot form so far in this tournament as he lost in just 28 moves!

To secure that norm, David must now avoid any loss in the last 3 games. All our prayers are with David as he faces off against GM Sveshnikov tonight.

It was really not a terribly nice day for the Aussies yesterday as Manuel Weeks also lost to fellow FM Valery Zolotukhin.


Anonymous said...

Is that true Dave going to play the founder of B33 SVESHNIKOV EVGENI?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Even better! He beat him!!!

Anonymous said...

If he gets 2497 in the last round, he only needs one more draw for his final GM norm! If in the final round he gets someone weaker, he needs one point.. So a victory tomorrow is enough! [or a draw and a reasonably strong opponent] or just two draws :) I think you guys down-under have another GM :) Cheerio from Edwin / The Netherlands