Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Internet Regression

Chess people are nice people. I know this. Most I like or at least tolerate. And one can honestly say that most chess people are also intelligent. Well, for a group with a cerebral pursuit you'd think this to be the case anyway. But place some chess guys behind a computer to live a certain life in the online world and it seems that some of us transform into completely different beings! More aggressive, argumentative, just downright weird - whatever. No doubt this is true, not just for we chessers, but for all walks of life.

A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a decade old article by Norman Holland that gives an insight into what he calls "internet regression". It's an interesting read and may give us all some food for thought but at least a good laugh.

Read The Internet Regression.

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Ted Teodoro said...

Good points by Mr. Holland. Some People regress once they find a nice and secure cocoon to hide in where direct accountability for their actions is somehow suspended. Thus, a greater propensity for flaming and sexual harassment on the internet for SOME people. The very same driver who gives you the finger on the
road can also be the helpful and courteous individual at the gym. The difference? He's not behind his machine/computer, but face-to-face with you.