Monday, July 16, 2007

Kissing at Condom Chess Festival

Remember this post a couple of days ago? It seems that this Condom town is full of kissing places, not just the river. There is, for example, the Hotel de la Baise and this joint called Cave de la Baise. We have a photo of IM Alex Wohl and Pinoy Joseph Sanchez standing in front of Cave de la Baise. No doubt they were there to pick up a few cases of the local vino!

IMs Sanchez, of the Philippines (L) and Wohl, of Australia (R)

Last round details from the Condom Festival are now up. Wohl, sadly, lost his last 2 games, to GM Grigore in the 8th then to FM Vincent David in the 9th. He collected 6 points all up. GM Grigore was the eventual sole winner with 8 points followed by IM Godard who garnered 7 points for the outright second spot.

In his RR section, Sanchez ended on 5 points. His run included 3 losses, 2 draws and 4 wins.

Thanks to Alex Wohl for initially giving me the info on this tournament and also for providing some nice unusual details.

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