Friday, July 27, 2007

Smerdon - Kravtsiv, Draw

Just got back from drinks with a few friends. Would you believe that there we were in the Vbar and some guy pulls out a chess board to play blitz? How uncool was that, I thought. I couldn't believe it! The only redeeming factor was that a sexy young lass was among us and it didn't look too bad.

Anyway, there's a reason for my early arrival back home. Just had to check in on Smerdon's game. He's just had a draw against Kravtsiv after only 11 moves. Contrary to our post yesterday he actually still needs a draw against someone rated at least 2497 in the 9th and final round. But if the opponent is below 2497, then a win is required. We've got a guy in Holland confirming that.

Life isn't bloody easy in chess I tell you!


The blindman said...

Your colleague forgot to account for rounding: a final round opponent of 2492 was actually enough.

It's a moot point, however since KONSTANTIN MASLAK is rated 2548.

Well done David! (free to play for a win now just for kicks)

The blindman said...

Just to clarify this - David would only have needed a DRAW if the opponent was rated under 2492. Since he is rated 2548, David gets the norm irrespective of the result as long as his opponent turns up for the game.