Monday, July 02, 2007

Miraculous Win By Alex

After he lost in the penultimate round, it looked as if all hope was lost. However, the gods did smile upon Alex because he ended up winning the 10ème Open des Vins event! The site hasn't been updated yet but I did just now speak to somebody in France who confirmed that Alex won his last game while there were draws and an upset on the other boards.

Here is the champ with daughter Nina. Congrats man!

UPDATE: We've just been informed that Alex Wohl won 89 bottles of wine! Also, check the site again and you'll see that the final standings have been uploaded.

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Anonymous said...

congrats alex! and kisses to nina!
was great seeing you, however it was sad we couldn't stay for the tournament - if i did you would of had to be satisfied with second ;)