Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The much talked-about iPhone, some of you may be glad to know, will come with a chess application dubbed the "iChess". But initial feedback hasn't been positive.

Unfortunately, iPhones will not arrive in these shores until 2008, sometime in Q1 I think. Hopefully by then some, if not most, of the reported bugs will have already been ironed out including a better performing iChess.


Unknown said...

The AJAX performance (from my experience playing with an iPhone in the store) is not great. However, the full web Chesspark client appears to work fine on the iPhone as well, so you don't just have to play a really slow engine.

Anonymous said...

iChess looks great but needs a lot of work. The castling rule is incorrectly implemented (in several different ways), it frequently crashes, tends to play the same openings all the time, and is quite slow. Having said that I still play it quite often!

Anonymous said...

When you beat Ichess in the metal option it gives you a Javascript error "error. No king found."