Sunday, July 15, 2007

Extra Half Point to Smerdon

Round 8 was draw for IM David Smerdon in Budapest. His next opponent will be FM Stefan Fruebing who last night drew with the leading player IM Fabiano Caruana. Standings after 8 games:

6.0 Caruana, Fabiano
5.0 Ilincic, Zlatko
4.5 Bui, Vinh; Smerdon, David; Fruebing, Stefan
4.0 Todorovic, Goran M; Fogarasi, Tibor
3.0 Vernay, Clovis
2.5 Kjartansson, Gudmundur
2.0 Hammes, Michael

Readers will notice that David has just earned an extra half-point! Well, we reported his game result against GM Todorovic as a draw when, in fact, David had won. (I swear the email recorded that encounter as drawn). Here is the game supplied by the arbiter.

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