Saturday, July 28, 2007

Two Bids For Champs

Some news from the ACF. The fight for the 2007-08 Australian Chess Championships is now down to two bids: one from the Box Hill CC in Victoria Chess Victoria and another by the Parramatta CC in New South Wales. A third bid by Peter Parr was eventually withdrawn after the NSW Bridge Association had decided that their venue in Surry Hills was not available. Peter's bid was always conditional and, unhappily for him and for those who might have preferred a city venue, turned out badly in the end.

Now that the situation is clearer, I hope these guys in the ACF will make the correct decision and award the event to Parramatta. It's hard to see those southern guys winning this one. After all, they had to bid twice, yes twice, just to get it right!

I'm off now. Have a good weekend dear readers.


Anonymous said...

A clarification Amiel ... the bid from down south was from Chess Victoria, not Box Hill Chess Club.

Anonymous said...

Same thing isn't it?