Saturday, April 29, 2006

Where is the win?

I have just received my first copies of Intchess magazine, from Singapore. The editor, Urcan Olimpiu, kindly sent these to me in return for an article I wrote on the Queenstown Chess Classic.

In issue number 6, Urcan himself wrote an interesting little piece entitled, Bonnie & Clyde - from a Transylvanian coffee shop. It's a little insight into the "happenings in Eastern Europe's coffee shops where amateurs and lesser lights meet to play chess".

From the title alone we can tell that the story involves a little sting, a position on the board, a little bet, and an over confident young man - the mark. But I won't spoil our story. I'll take you instead to the last few moments of our position. White to play and win.


Anonymous said...

1.Qc7+ Qxc7 2.g8(Q)+ Qd5+ 3.Kc2 Qxg8 4. e4 and 5. b3 mate

Anonymous said...

Nice problem. How about the story behind it?