Friday, April 28, 2006

Malaysian Number One

Wong Zijing will soon become our northern neighbour's next international master. He is also that country's current number one according to the latest FIDE rating list.

By Quah Seng Sun in The Star Online.


Anonymous said...

Pity he had to go to Burma[Myanmar]
to "boost" his ratings. You would think a guy with as much money as Dato could organise more tournaments in Malaysia so players wouldnt have to go to Burma where half the games are paid to be thrown.

Anonymous said...

Myanmar has 7 players who are 2500 or higher,these players are only FM's!. If that isnt suspect then I dont know what is.

This is why Myanmar is rated 27th in the world,they should be 77th.
FIDE should just chop off 200 points off those players,they only got their ratings through fixed tournaments.

GilaChess said...

Zi Jing is already of that level. I know because I've been watching his rise since he was a junior. Where he got his rating isn't really a concern and I trust that he didn't pay anyone to throw any game.

Anonymous said...

He gained 79 FIDE points from ONE tournament,most good players dont gain that many points in a single list!

Where he got his rating is a concern,Myanmar is a ratings paradise with their top players being heavily overated.

The lure of easy points is obvious to all who are objective.
While Zi may be of IM strength,he shouldnt be gaining so many points that easily. If he was to play a couple of closed tournaments in Myanmar he could easily get his GM title,would you think that was appropiate Andrew?