Monday, April 17, 2006

Goldenberg Wins Doeberl

After yesterday's stunning upset win over GM Ian Rogers, FM Igor Goldenberg today settled for a draw against IM Zhao to finish on 6/7 points. He was actually equal with both GM Johansen and surprise performer Dusan Stojic but won the Cup on tie-break.

This was an excellent result for Goldenberg especially since this is his first attempt. I think it must have been his easy-going approach and character that helped his victory. I often saw him and his wife enjoying a nice lunch under the sun in Manuka. Did I not tell you about Canberra and alfresco dining? The Goldenbergs sure know about it.

Speaking of dining, last night we held a 'Sinner Dinner' - a gathering of some of the more controversial folks in Australian chess. Our host was the man himself, Matthew Sweeney. Among us was also a Victorian heavyweight, some Melbourne Chess Club big dog. Appropriately enough, he sat at the head of our table. I can foresee a time when this dinner thing becomes a regular fixture - a Doeberl tradition. If you're not invited, you're nobody.

Matt, by the way, got a special mention at the closing ceremony today for his special and hard effort in being the tournament's odd jobs man. That is surely an honour that will never go to certain high ranking officials up north.

And to those who are wondering if IM Alex Wohl's name appears on the trophy, I can tell you, yes it does. I have a photo to prove it. That should make the big man happy. (Last year, Alex and GM Rogers finished equal first).

Well, that's all for now. My credits are running out and I'm about to board a bus back to Sydney. I'll post photos and more comments later.

You know, leaving this place and the tournament leaves me with the same familiar feeling. Sadness. I can't wait for next year.

See you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping us up-to-date with the Doeberl!

Anonymous said...

The Doeberl just seems to be getting bigger and better. It was great this year with 228 players, and good to catch up with some old friends who I only get to see at Doeberl. A big thankyou to all the people who gave up their time to organise and assist with the event to make it enjoyable and smooth for everyone....Charles Zworestine, Lee Forace, Shaun Press, Matt Sweeney, Paul Dunn etc etc. Bring on the 2007 Doeberl.....I can't wait!