Friday, April 28, 2006

Aussie Duo Win

Round 5 of the Dubai Open was a successful one for the Aussie players Dusan Stojic and Nur Yachou. Dusan defeated Stefan Schmid (2224) of Germany. The Aussie junior moves up to 3 points and will now face GM Valeriy Neverov in the sixth round.

Nur Yachou is proving to be a bit of a ladies man. Yesterday he scored his second straight victory over a WFM, this time Nora Mohd Saleh of the United Arab Emirates. Nur is now on 2 points.

Wesley So hit a bump in his campaign losing to GM Gabriel Sargissian. So's opponent in the 6th is the Indian IM Vishal Sareen

WIM Atousa Pourkashiyan (2311) of Iran is so far the event's giant killer. In round 4 she vanquised GM Neverov. Yesterday she followed up with a win over another grandmaster - Zurab Sturua (2524) of Georgia.

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Viva Victoria!