Friday, April 07, 2006

Doeberl Cup Withdraws!

This is such a fast moving news item and tremendously important that we have to give it a post of its own. In response to my latest post below, in the comments section, Canberra chess organiser and Olympiad player, Mr Shaun Press writes:

I have attempted to find out as much about the practicalities of this motion as possible. I have spoken to both the ACF President and ACF Secretary over the last few days and these are how they interpret the motion
1) There is no right of appeal by the player concerned to the ACF (Both the ACF President and Secretary told me this)
2) The right of appeal is restricted to event organisers who may request a banned player be allowed to take part in an event (ACF President)
3) The ACF will not be examining Matts case at all (ACF Secretary)

So unless something changes between now and Good Friday, the Doeberl Cup will be withdrawing from the ACF Grand Prix series, meaning that the ACF motion does not apply either to Matthew Sweeney or the Doeberl Cup itself.

Shaun Press

And with that, I bid you all my dear loyal fans a happy weekend. I'm off to the pub!


Anonymous said...

Shaun Press = champ

Anonymous said...

Astounding news. I am shocked. Shaun Press is to be admired and respected for his stand. Gletsos has gone too far in his vendetta against Matt Sweeney. The NSWCA and ACF should feel ashamed of their actions.

Anonymous said...

The President of the Australian Chess Federation has labelled many of the leaders in his chess population as unwise, irresponsible, uninformed, and paranoid. This COCK ROBIN has yet to name, names.
Instead of turning on his own populus he should concentrate on answering the question asked over and over. Why was the date of effect not made 1 January 2007.