Thursday, April 13, 2006

Shaun Press: ACF Disgraceful

In a private email to Matthew Sweeney, Shaun Press - a well known player, organiser and arbiter of the Doeberl Cup - labels the Australian Chess Federation's handling of this motion disgraceful.

Matthew Sweeney has released this portion of an email which came from Mr Press:

I [Press] believe the ACF (and Denis particularly) has behaved disgracefully over this issue.

The sides are the ACF and the Doeberl [Cup]. Denis [Jessop] does not want the Doeberl affected by this, but is too proud to back down lest the ACF looks weak. To him this is an easy way out.

Denis Jessop is the current Australian Chess Federation president. To be clear, Mr Press tells me:

In applying it ["disgracefully"] to Denis I was referring mainly to what he began to post to ChessChat concerning my role vis-a-vis the Doeberl Cup and the gratutitous (sic) mention of the ACTCA Presidential election last year.

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