Sunday, April 16, 2006

Doeberl Day 2

Not much to say and I have to be quick. The net cafe is so slow and expensive. I'm talking $1 for 7 minutes. A complete rip-off.

Yesterday was a good day for me. Didn't lose a game in the major. But I admit, the draw against Sally Yu was unimpressive. Later that evening, I did win a prize in blitz - $25 for the U1800 section. Good enough to win my money back plus a little interest.

A popular past-ime here is chatting about politics. The names Bill Gletsos and Garry Wastell punctuate our conversations. Popular blokes those two. From one account, at least, chess in Victoria is a near disaster. But that might be stretching it a bit. Who knows?


Anonymous said...

Yes, the draw might be considered a bit unimpressive (even disappointing) for Sally Yu... after all she had just beaten someone with a higher ACF rating than you! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, was that "German Ambassador"(?) outside his consular jurisdiction when speaking about ... ? He'd fire up anyone's goat about politics in victorian chess.

Anonymous said...

Please keep up the reports. Info from the ACT is pretty sparse.

You really must tell me more privately about Wastell. He really is a mystery man to me even though I have 'known' him for many years. He's no friend of mine but not an enemy I said a mystery man. Maybe we can strike up a little chat via our email accounts?

Regards, Steve K

Anonymous said...

Let me guess that one account...Kessler.

Anonymous said...

You can't bag Victoria without being a bit more specific. The CGM should not be allowed to be turned into smeared pap.