Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Philippines and FIDE

Which ticket will the NCFP support in the upcoming elections for the FIDE presidency? To Pinoy journo Rey Bancod, the NCFP should probably take a closer look Bessel Kok's candidacy:

It would be to the best interest of Philippine chess if the NCFP board takes a closer look into Kok’s candidacy.

Would Kok be fair to Filipino players? An excerpt from a recent interview would give us a hint on where he stands.

Said he: “It is unfair to discriminate against anyone for any reason whatsoever, and FIDE has a moral and ethical obligation to practically ensure that organizers are chosen who will allow all players to participate on equal footing.”

I’m not saying the NCFP jump on the Kok bandwagon.

Let the vote represents the true will of the majority and not a decision of a single individual.

Read more in Tempo.

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