Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Rogers Blunder

Has Australia's number player committed a blunder?

Nearly a year after the controversial St George Open in 2005, some sections within the Sydney chess scene are still talking about it. Central to that controversy was IM Zong Yuan Zhao.

In what appeared to be a defensive maneouvre, GM Rogers made this announcement on Australia's liveliest chess forum.

The incident happened because Zhao needed to withdraw from the tournament due to study pressures but feared that forfeiting the games would adversely affect the tournament. After Zhao unsuccessfully tried to arrange weekend games, the arbiter [Charles Zworestine] suggested that Zhao phone his opponents and agree to draws. Zhao, while stressing that he really didn't mind withdrawing and losing his last three games on forfeit, did as requested.

To which Dr Charles Zworestine has this reply: "Rogers' remark is inaccurate".

I have known Charles for a long time. He was the arbiter in my first ever tournament some 10 years ago. On this particular issue, at least, I am inclined to believe him.

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Anonymous said...

The plot thickens...someones caught in an "opening" trap.