Monday, April 24, 2006

FM Dougherty

Caught up with Canadian FIDE master Michael Dougherty this morning in Peter Parr's chess shop. Michael was there to pick up some books to read for a 10-hour flight to Honolulu. Apparently he was actually in Canberra for the Doeberl Cup last weekend but ended up staying on the wrong side of town - right in the Canberra CBD.

Michael walked the whole distance from his hostel to the Italo Club and it took him all of two and half hours! So he thought to himself, bugger this - I'm not playing. Something like that anyway. It seems he had no idea that there were accomodation services right near the venue.

Poor Michael, he had to settle for the Folk Festival instead.

If you're a potential foreign visitor like our Canadian friend, it might worthwhile if you bookmark this page by Canberra local, Ian Rout. That has pretty much all you need to know.

And just to side track a touch, Mr Parr has an idea for Doeberl. Why not have an over-20's event? Same as idea as having the Seniors section this year - basically, to have a "junior-free" tournament. At this time, I can't say I'm instinctively in favour of it. I'm always willing to play against anybody. Maybe when I'm a lot older I'll despise the little buggers.


Anonymous said...

Did you notice what he purchased from Mr.Parr?

Anonymous said...

"Orienteering for Chess Addicts" perhaps? :)

Anonymous said...

Didnt a junior come equal first in the premier?

The Closet Grandmaster said...

You mean Dusan Stojic (currently playing in Dubai)? Don't know if he's still a 'junior'.

Anonymous said...

Dusan will be 17 this year,he is very tall for his age.