Sunday, April 16, 2006

Goldenberg Beats Rogers

Today proved to me why this tournament is so special. Awesome, beautiful, fantastic are about all I can say of the hard battles across all the sections. How about young James Morris, of Victoria, who played what must surely be one of the longest games in Doeberl history? Against Roland Brockman, James had doubled pawns on the g-file plus a Knight and King. Brockman had only King plus Bishop. With a little bit of shuffling around, the kid seemed uncertain. Then the right idea hit him. Nice win for James.

Suttor - Lewski is worth playing over and over again. It was a positional masterpiece by Suttor. For Lewski, it must have felt like being squeezed to death by a boa. He was just dead.

Of course, what a wonderful win by FM Igor Goldenberg over numero uno Ian Rogers. Another beauty and it's satisfying to have witnessed it. These two guys weren't actually paired against each at first. It was initially Rogers versus Johansen, but some protest was made and the draw was changed.

And I must mention my good friend Nick Kordahi. Today he downed Jason Chan.

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Anonymous said...

Instart karma seems to have gotten Ian.