Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Video: "Chess Me Out"

It's always very nice to wake up to a nice surprise. While chatting to international master Alex Wohl this morning on Google Chat, he suddenly ask me if I'd heard of the so-called "Turin video". At first I thought it might have been some secret footage of THAT famous Turin incident that made world headlines. You can understand my thinking as we, after all, happened to be talking about the Olympiad at that moment.

However, it turned out that the video is entirely unrelated, yet more interesting! Italian film maker Davide Fasolo has produced a must-watch 43-minute documentary on this most beautiful game. Specifically, the video features 12 chess pros who talk about their "childhood to the feelings on board during the game". I don't know some of the chess players featured (there are 12 altogether), but Karpov, Aronian, Kosteniuk and Aussie IM Alex Wohl are in it.

You may download the video from Mr Fasolo's site, www.nulliversi.com , or you can check out a Flash version as well as a Quicktime one. (Thanks to Alexandra Kosteniuk's site for those latter two versions).


Ryan said...

I've watched the video already and it's certainly interesting. Although many of the players were familiar to me, others were not. Well worth watching!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe you missed the other Australian cameo appearance (I watched the video a while back when it was being announced everywhere): about 12'44" into the quicktime version, Shaun Press appears very briefly. :-)

The Closet Grandmaster said...

Yeah I saw him. Arianne makes an appearance as well.