Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bobby Fischer's Favourite Bookstore

Drexel University's The Smart Set - which, by the way, is a must-read - has a nice little piece on Bobby Fischer. Sara Blask, a writer based in Reykjavik, recounts Fischer's time in a little joint called Bókin, a bookstore. Worth a read. From: "Bobby Fischer Read Here".

The last time Fischer visited Bókin was in early October, before he became sick. In many ways, Bókin was the deeply rooted giving tree Fischer so desperately needed, a place where he could either fuel — or seek shelter from — the storms brewing in his head. He remained obstinate until his dying day, refusing Western treatment for what would ultimately lead to kidney failure, a move he could not outsmart with any amount of intellect or logic. Bobby Fischer may have been able to defy his opponents but in the end, he couldn’t triumph over his own tired body.

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