Friday, January 18, 2008

Bobby Fischer Dead at 64

I've just literally walked back in to my house and the first thing that I heard is that Robert James Fischer has just passed away aged 64. This is fresh news so I'm just dumping here the first few items on Google News.

(Note that some of these may be identical in content as they basically use the same source) - Bobby Fischer látinn (in Icelandic)
New York Times - Bobby Fischer, Chess Master, Dies at 64
BBC - Chess legend Fischer dies at 64
MSNBC - Former chess champ Bobby Fischer dead at 64
The Canadian Press - Former chess champion Bobby Fischer dead at 64
Reuters - Former chess champion Bobby Fischer dies
Bloomberg - Bobby Fischer, First U.S. World Chess Champion, Dies
CNN - Cold War icon Fischer passes away
Times Online - Bobby Fischer, flawed chess genius, dies in Iceland
The Guardian - Chess champion Bobby Fischer dies
Reuters Factbox on Fischer - Key facts about former chess champion Bobby Fischer - Obituary: Bobby Fischer
Times Online - Raymond Keene: Bobby Fischer was 'pride and sorrow of chess'
Sports Illustrated - SI Flashback: Bobby Fischer
Iceland Review Online - Bobby Fischer Passes Away
New York Times - Reacting to Bobby Fischer’s Death
The Associated Press - Timeline of Fischer's Career
Time Magazine - Bobby Fischer - Chess Prodigy

Other interesting links (I'll update these over the next few hours)
My 60 Memorable Games in PGN -
My 60 Memorable Games/Fischer -
Bobby Fischer in Wikipedia
The game that shook the world - from
Interview with Bobby Fischer - (Also available on YouTube is an audio recording of that infamous interview that Fischer gave to a Philippine journalist post 9/11. You can find other Bobby Fischer related entries in YT here.)
Fischer Fury - by Edward Winter (with thanks to Dr Kevin Bonham)
Robert James (Bobby) Fischer, by Bill Wall
Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Prodigy (via Google Book Search. You might need a Google account to view this)
Federal Grand Jury Indictment of Bobby Fischer
The Bobby Fischer Unofficial Homepage (Very comprehensive)
Bobby Fischer dies in Iceland - Chessbase
The Battle of the Brains Time Magazine - (first published on 31 July, 1972)


Carlos.Alberto said...

Goodbye, Bobby! You were one of the greatest chessplayers ever. We'll always be missing you.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fischer dead on the 64th square! What a sense of humour!
I must be one of millions whose eyes were opened to the world of the Lopez, Najdorf and K.I.D by one man - 'Bobby Fischer'. Since those now ancient 6 o'clock news clips, I've made some close friends and many acquaintances through my sporadic forays into competitive chess. Thank you Bobby.