Monday, January 21, 2008

Give That Point Back

Just checked the Corus results. Oh dear, a new scandal! There seems to be a new one every couple of weeks these days.

It all seems to be down to some new law of chess that we posted about last year. It's there in black and white. But is it now a law? Well, apparently not. It's certainly not in the Laws as currently published. And see this letter concerning the recent Anna Rudolf case.

Cheparinov has lodged an appeal. We think he deserves at least a rematch. Decide the point over the board!


Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that the laws of chess could only be changed every two years at the olympiad during the general assembly. We know that Kirsan thinks he is the dictator of all he surveys but have international arbiters really given him carte blanche to change the laws without debate. What next - knights move as bishops?

Anonymous said...

"What next - knights move as bishops?"

No, that's just silly. Kalmykians come from a long line of great horsemen so instead Kirsan will decide Bishops must move as Knights. :-)
--Daniel J. Andrews