Friday, January 11, 2008

CAQ Boss Resigns

Bill Gletsos, the Australian Chess Federation's deputy president, recently announced that John Surridge has resigned from his post of president of the Chess Association of Queensland (CAQ). Mr Surridge was only elected to that post last December 2007.

The resignation means that current vice president Garvin Gray will automatically take over as CAQ boss. Mr Gray rose to prominence in Australian chess circles as the staunch spokesman of the highly controversial 2004-05 Australian Chess Open held in Mt Buller, Victoria. He is also an arbiter.

We wish Mr Gray the very best of luck.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how the new President handles things with the departure of five great people from last year's council (Karibasic, Murray, Powell, Sampson and Surridge). Hopefully he can hold things together.

Anonymous said...

Hold things together? Get a grip on reality! The better question is how long will it take before he completely self destructs, and what will happen to the CAQ then.