Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fast Juniors

While I'm temporarily stuck here at work, away from the action in Parra, I just thought I'd share these with you. I just can't help myself.

That the playoff in the Australian Blitz championships was eventually fought out between two young guys should come as no surprise. These dudes are just way too fast. Take this little exchange between a couple of juniors, one male and one female. I've removed the names of the guilty in order to protect the innocents.

For whatever reason, I suddenly made the remark that so-and-so female player was a WGM. Here is what happened next.

(Female Junior 1): She's not a WGM; she's only 1900.

(Male Junior 1): Yeah, well, that's a WGM!

Loud laughter all around.

(Female Junior 1): That's OK, he's only a got a small dick!


Less witty and fast but definitely deep is an observation made by Victoria's Richard Voon. Observing the blitz tournament, Mr Voon said, "I don't know why players wish each other luck. There is no luck in chess".

Too true Dick, too true.

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Anonymous said...

bolens causes a problem at every tournament he goes to. someone should give him a warning and slap a ban on him the next time.