Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quote of the Day

Amidst all those shenanigans the other day in Wijk aan Zee, there was important news that we've nearly overlooked. Anand beat Topalov. In fact, it was the only decisive game in Group A. But it was in his post-game press conference that the Indian produced what must surely have been a fitting quote of the day. Said he:

I was a bit disoriented because of what was going on with Short and Cheparinov so I kind of decided to make a safe move and go there and have a look.

You'll see it at about 1:45 in the first video on this page.

Anyway, Short - Cheparinov was played last night and, perhaps with some degree of justice, the Englishman achieved victory. We can just imagine diehard English fans and those who've not forgiven the Bulgarian camp for their antics in "Toiletgate" collectively raise their middle finger at Ivan Cheparinov with a, "You got stuffed!" (Well I actually have in mind something a little more vigorous than that, but we're a family-friendly blog after all).

Once again, chessvibes.com has the game and, on this occasion, a music video.

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