Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Chessers Are Worth Dying For

You'll never hear ACF boss Gary Wastell talk like this. The Australian's newly re-elected NCFP counterpart, Butch Pichay, reportedly said last week, "I am willing to go to jail for the sake of Philippine Chess".

Then he apparently later added, "Filipino chess players are worth dying for". Quite dramatic and we, of course, expect nothing less from my countrymen.

Pichay was speaking in response to a contempt suit filed by his rivals Sammy Estimo and Matt Defensor. These latter two claimed that Pichay's faction toyed with the law when they ignored a temporary restraining order issued by a Manila judge.

A court hearing took place last week to hear those contempt charges but Pichay's faction failed to appear. A second hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

No kidding, Mr. Pichay. How can you go to jail the Filipino president loves you. Oh, please don't brag too much.

Anonymous said...

Ahh but Cong. Pichay delivers, and that is what counts.

After the drought of 50 years under Campomanes, Philippine chess welcomes these nice words from the NCFP Prez Pichay.

What is Slick Sammy up to with the lawsuits anyways? Let us give him the honorary top dog prez title to appease him.

But what really have you done for Philippine chess Sammy Estimo?