Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Trio of Aussies in Gibraltar

The Gibtelecom Chess Festival began yesterday. It's one of these tournaments that I definitely must visit some time in the future. During the recent Australian Chess Championships, Malcolm Tredinnick just couldn't stop talking about the whole Gibraltar experience. So now, I have to go.

Aussie chess fans will be keeping an eye on three guys: Ben Lazarus, Moulthun Ly and IM Zong Yuan Zhao. Zhao, of course, is chasing his third GM norm, while Queensland powerhouse Ly will be gunning for his third IM norm. Good luck to all three.

Our Pinoy readers might also be interested to know that there is one Pinoy rep in the Masters section. He is FM Antonio Molina.

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Anonymous said...

"Couldn't stop talking about it"??? Are you on crack? We spoke about it for maybe five or ten minutes. :-)

Let's try not to make me look like some kind of escaped mental patient on your blog... chess has enough of those without inventing new ones.