Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hungarian Chess Fed to Support Anna

The Chessdom team has been running with the Lippygate story quite a bit and now have this "official statement" from Anna Rudolf:

But I don't understand why did they keep on accusing me and why did they make a complaint to the arbiter about me right before the last game, if my games had been checked after Round 4 and they had not shown any "too often matching with the engine". Saying that I am younger, female, and also "low rated" can't make an evidence for cheating, I think.

Plus this statement from the chief arbiter Eric Delmotte:

The Latvian players have the right to expose some doubts, but they do not have right to act as they did in the last round by accusating her directly just before the game without any proof and after we dealed with it. Everybody must do everything to avoid cheating paranoya because this is not good for the "climate" of the tournaments.

Paranoia may never be avoided these days. But when it comes to accusations or suspicions of cheating, everybody must first and foremost remain discreet until there is ample evidence. Else, the damage to people's reputations could be quite enormous.

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