Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bolens Draws with GM Antic

I've just at this moment received the latest ACF enewsletter. It's only saving feature in this edition, one could say in every edition, is IA Charles Zworestine's long and always exciting blow-by-blow tournament reports.

On the recent 2007 Kellner Memorial event, Charles writes:

The big game between the top two seeds occurred in Round 4; and it did not disappoint! Dejan Antic, playing Black, misplayed some tactics to end up in an inferior position against Johny Bolens; but Johny, content with a draw, liquidated to a drawish ending. Dejan did not want a draw, so he then took some risks to try and win and ended up a pawn down; he outplayed Johny from there, won his pawn back into a superior rook and pawn ending and could indeed have won, but misplayed it in time pressure to end up drawing a marathon in over 100 moves.

You can actually read IA Zworestine's full report here on the NSWCA website. (I never thought to check there first as that dang website is, well, you can fill in the blanks for me).

That's probably our last post for the weekend dear readers. I'm off early to the Manly Food & Wine Festival tomorrow. Other than chess, I like my vino and I most especially love my food!


chessnia said...

Although 13.e5!? is a nice idea. I think Antic should have taken the pawn: 13...Nxe5! 14.f4 Ng6 15.Nc6 Rb7 16.Nxe7 Nxe7 17.Bxb7 Bxb7 and for the exchange black has a pawn and a "monster bishop" pointing right at naked white King.
Still, a most interesting game by Bolens!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Charles Z is a champion. Why don't other DOP's follow his example and do a tournament REPORT as opposed to mindlessly copying SP files for their so called tournament report?

I agree with TCG that the ACF enewsletter is sub-optimal. Yet it is a hell of a lot better than that garbage NSWCA newsletter. At least the ACF newsletter has results of recently completed events while the NSWCA newsletter is mostly mindless rehashing of results from 3 months ago. Why can't the ACF and NSWCA follow CAWA's example [TCG put up a link to a CAWA newsletter in a post of his a few months ago] of how to produce a decent newsletter?

While on the subject of the John Kellner Memorial weekender, why can't the NSWCA advertise on its website and flyers who the DOP is? As it turned out I had the weekend of the Kellner free and would have played in the Kellner if I knew a decent arbiter like Charles Z was running the show, but after previous bad experiences I was not prepared to risk having to deal with some amateur DOP.

Oh, and while on the subject of NSWCA tournament DOPs, who is running the supposedly prestigious upcoming Queens Birthday Weekender? An IA like Charles Z or Jason Lyons? Or if an IA is not available an experienced arbiter like Gletsos or Press? Or don't tell me, the NSWCA has an inexperienced greenhorn or worse still nobody has been appointed at this late stage? And where are the list of players who have pre-registered? No, don't tell me we are in for another $3600 loss?

Bend over NSW chess and prepare for pain! It looks like NSW chess will have a very sore backside by the end of the year with a NSWCA financial loss exceeding last years $11k.

Anonymous said...

Nice comments. Again another gutless chess player not willing to step up to the plate.

If you dont like the NSWCA newsletter why dont you write it?