Friday, June 22, 2007

Chess Photography

Like I said, I'm looking to take photography more seriously. I'm really no good so I look for inspiration. In my search for inspiration I stumbled upon Michael Simon's galleries. Look to the left nav bar and click on "Chess Supernationals!" Now that's chess photography right there!

And how about the size of that chess crowd?


DeNovoMeme said...

AR, what I think you are admiring is the intimacy that comes from having narrow depth of field. BIG aperture, and ZOOM right in. The other point is camera height. Chess boards are close to the ground and make "getting the board position easy. However, the real action is on the face/hands/arms. So forget the board and get on your knees for shots.

What do you think?

Michael Simon said...

Hey, thanks for sharing my work with your audience. It was a great story to work on.

All the best,

Michael Simon