Friday, June 29, 2007

Strong AUD For Cheap Books

Peter and Brian will so kill me for this.

With the Aussie dollar being as high as $0.84 (as at 29 Jun, 12.46 AEST) against the greenback, I thought it an opportune time to puchase some books from Amazon. So a couple of days ago, I bought "Art of Project Management" (Scott Berkun) and "Cascading Style Sheets - The Definitive Guide, 2nd Ed." (Eric Meyer). Work related stuff, if you're curious. Total price in AUD including shipping costs? $110.00! That's a saving of about $40.00 off the normal retail price in a joint like Dymocks.

I'm telling you this because I reckon there's a similar sort of savings on chess books. I've just checked some titles by Kasparov and they are cheap! The MGP series, for instance, are currently discounted by about USD$10.00 or so. Right, I'm off shopping!

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