Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Victorian Open This Weekend

Those Victorians never want to be behind. After our post last night our inbox was immediately struck by an email from a southerner advising me of the upcoming Victorian Open this weekend. This event is often very impressive as it attracts some fairly strong players. For this year's event, the organisers will host GM Johansen and IM David Smerdon.

Of note also will be the 10th seed local junior James Morris. Rated only 1948, James is in line for the FM title owing to his performance in the Fiji Zonal last month.

Current list of entries is available here.


Anonymous said...

James Morris current ACF is 2035.
Are you referring to his FIDE rating?

If so,I wouldnt worry mate.
Both ratings are only going to go up.

Lets not forget James won the Newcastle Open last year,as well as a tournament in Tasmania.
The kid is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

"The Victorian Open" is obviously a misnomer. It should be called "The Box Hill and Whitehorse Junior Chess Club and Associates Open".
Why is it almost always played at the rented premises of the Box Hill Chess Club?
And why does this tournament never have a qualified arbiter?
Not one!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by qualified arbiter?

Do you mean an international arbiter?

As for the venue designation,I would prefer it was held at a hotel in the CBD. But that would require a sponsor and planning.
Seeing as no one is volunteering to secure a good sponsor,we are left with the cheapest option...which is Boxhill.

Anonymous said...

Yes,the cheapest option.

The Victorian Open Chess tournament a.k.a. "The Gary Wastell Open" is a regular feature of the Victorian chess calender.
The administrators should be supported at all costs and those not wishing to participate are to be labelled as heretics.
Remember, it is THIS weekend.
So be there or be

Anonymous said...

Hey what is wrong with you?
You SHOULD VOLUNTEER your time and effort, secure a sponsor and let the administrators reap the "glory".
Supporting chess means you must support the administrators! Got it?
Mere chess players are nothing without administrators to guide them.

Anonymous said...

Anon,your sarcasm is sending mixed messages. Be more direct and upfront. It wont hurt you,I promise.

Anonymous said...

how does a 1900 player get an FM title thats a joke you have to be 2300 to get FM title

Anonymous said...

The fact is he got the title...and you didn't
Good luck to him, not you.

Anonymous said...

Grant Szuveges wasnt much stronger than James when he got his FM title from the zonal.
There was no hue and cry then,and that was many years ago.

At least James rating is going up and hes an active player...whereas Grant hasnt played a tournament in donkey years.

Anonymous said...

An attraction this week-end at the Vic Open w/ender is the first tournament arbited at Canterbury by David Hacche.

I have only remark to make.
Do you get your money back if the clocks are a problem.

The blindman said...

No hue and cry over Grant Szuveges FM? Where were you mate? There was MASSIVE outcry (far more than over the recent titles) over ALL the titles that were awarded at the first two zonals. So much so that FIDE were forced to change the rules.

Anonymous said...

Pax,did you see any of the weak FM's like Grant mentioned by name in the soft title thread on chesschat?

I didnt,all I saw was James and Gene.

FIDE changed the amount of titles being given out at zonals because of what has happening globally,and not specifically because of australia.

Now lets get back to the Vic open.
Hacche will be a good arbiter because he knows the rules,and will apply them fairly. And you can bet he will check the clocks!

Good luck to everyone playing this weekend,whether you are in victoria or nsw.

And for those who dont like the admins of both states,turn up anyway and play...remember its all really about the CHESS. If you play chess wins.