Friday, June 29, 2007

Pinoy Sharks on Kill Hunt

Tomorrow's rapid event at Rooty Hill is expected to be a tough one for Serbia's GM Dejan Antic with a number of Pinoy sharks entering the event. I've just been informed that Eric Tumanon, a former 2-time Philippine Junior Champion and who also represented his former country in the Asian and World Juniors, as well as Ronald Manila, an expert speedster and himself an ex Young Masters champion of RP, have both entered the event. Familiar names like Camer, Samar and Agulto could also turn up.

There is also Tony Bouchaaya, a former Olympiad player representing Lebanon, who sports a rating of 2181 ACF. I used to see this regularly in the Sydney weekend circuit. These days I think he limits himself to club games.

Good luck to all who are playing in this event. If I'm not too drunk tonight, err, actually tomorrow morning - I'll probably just manage to drag my butt out of bed and enter myself.

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