Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kasparov: I have no life

If he's not careful, the guy could very well make that statement a physical reality. Well, the high powers forbid and all that. Speaking to Jordan Timm, Kasparov once again gives another of his many interviews covering his anti-Putin activities, his vision of a new Russia and, of course, takes time to briefly talk about his latest book.

I have no life. It’s terrible, it affects my family. Daria [Kasparov’s wife] is from St. Petersburg and if she goes there for a few days, I have to send bodyguards. In Russia we’re always under this stress. We know that bodyguards won’t save you from state assault, but there’s so many provocations, we have to be vigilant all the time. That’s why we decided that [having Daria] give birth in Moscow might not be a good idea. I can’t put a bodyguard in the hospital.

Read more in Macleans.

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Anonymous said...

Since he got hit over the head with a chessboard he has been imagining all sorts of things.